About the Site

MindfulSecurity.com is a personal website created, owned and maintained by Paul Johnson.

This site is primarily designed as a resource for businesses seeking materials and ideas for raising the information security awareness levels of their employees and workers. However, it is also a useful resource for those individuals looking to raise their own awareness levels on a particular subject or area.

The site has been created in response to a lack of quality information security awareness material that seems to be freely available for use. The site will feature information security awareness articles, customizable campaigns, videos, cartoons, posters, screensavers, best practices and a store containing our different awareness products.  I will also look to use the site to experiment with different web solutions for raising awareness as and when they come along.

The site was created to be valuable to everyone and feedback, corrections and suggestions are welcome. If you wish to get in touch, please contact Paul using the contact form provided.

About the Author:

This site is owned and maintained by Paul Johnson in his spare time. Paul is an Information Security Program Manager at a global infrastructure and services company, where he works across many different security domains and is a major contributor to the global information security awareness initiatives across the business. He has worked in IT for ten years and Information Security for the past four. He has a Masters of Science and is CISSP & PMP certified. He is British, but lives and works out of Toronto, Canada.

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